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Lineage 2 RevolutionList of items in Lineage 2 Revolution


Soul Crystals Soul Crystals are socketable gemstomes that enhance equipment in Lineage 2: Revolution. Soul Crystals comprise of the condensed essence of strong monster souls, each granting a different boost to your stats. All player equipment has up to 6 socketable slots, unlocking one-by-one as the item grade increases. There are 9 types of Soul Crystal available, but there are some restrictions on which crystals can fit onto a piece of equipment. More
Accessories There are a total of 9 equipment slots for armor. Helmet, chest piece, hands, boots, necklace, two earrings and two rings. More
Weapons Players have access to a variety of weapons in Lineage 2 Revolution. There are a total of 6 weapon types: Sword & Shield, Spear, Dual Swords, Dagger, Bow and Staff. Players can equip any weapon, however class skills can only be cast if a weapon matching their class is equipped. More
Armor While it is possible to equip any piece of armor, equipping armor that does not match your class carries a 25% reduction in stats per piece. In addition, any passive skill bonuses will not be applied to non-matching pieces. More

HP Potion This red potion will restore a small amount of HP upon use. The amount recovered is based on the player's maximum HP (30% of max HP). Players may purchase additional HP Potions from the shop using Adena in bundles of 20 or 200. Greater HP Potions are also available for purchase using Red Diamonds. More
MP Potion Players may purchase additional MP Potions from the shop using Adena in bundles of 20 or 200. Greater MP Potions are also available for purchase using Red Diamonds. More
Soulshot Soulshots are a consumable item in Lineage 2: Revolution. Between 1 to 3 soulshots are consumed upon attacking or casting a skill, increasing the power of the ability. Players may toggle the use of soulshots on or off by tapping its icon above the skill bar. The number of soulshots consumed per attack is based on your weapon's grade. More
Cross of Repentance - More
Feather of Peace The Feather of Peace is a consumable item in Lineage 2: Revolution. Upon use, this item protects the user from being PK'd for a short period of time. The low-grade version offers one minute of protection while Top-grade feather will protect the player for three minutes. This item may be used up to three times a day. Players may obtain Feather of Peace(Top-grade) by trading in 100 Recess Points. More

Armor Materials Armor Material or Armor Stone is an item used in upgrading an armor to a higher grade for example to upgrade from a grade S armor to R you need 20 pcs of armor stones plus adena, from R to SR you need 30 pcs or armor stones. upgrading doesn't affect any existing enhancement or soul stones on the armor. success rate is 100%. More
Rune Stones The Rune Stones is a stone item in Lineage 2: Revolution. More
Upgrade Stones - More
Monster Core From the Monster Codex, players can use their collected Monster Cores to complete Codex entries, granting them additional stat bonuses. The highest level for each Codex entry is level 10. More
Elixir Materials - More

Adena Adena is the primary currency used in Lineage 2: Revolution. From upgrading equipment in the forge to brewing elixirs, almost anything involving upgrading your items will cost some Adena. More
Diamonds Diamonds are a premium currency used in Lineage 2: Revolution. They are separated into two types: Blue Diamonds and Red Diamonds. Blue Diamonds are purchased using real-world money. Red Diamonds on the other hand are a freemium currency; they can be obtained in small amounts throughout the game by completing certain objectives. Color blind players can identify Red Diamonds by the padlock on the bottom left of the diamond. If players have insufficient Red Diamonds to complete a Red Diamond purchase, Blue diamonds can be spent to pay the balance amount. More
Friendship Points Friendship Points is a currency in Lineage 2: Revolution. More
Clan Points - More
Proof of Blood - More
Red Starstone - More
Topaz - More
Mileage Points - More
Recess Points - More

Quest Scrolls Sub-quests are available starting from level 20 and can be started by using a sub-quest scroll from your inventory. They range from C-grade quests to S-grade quests. More
Bag On initial release max capacity of bag can be upgraded to 300 items. As of latest update this has been increased to 400. Increasing bag capacity consumes red rubies. More